System VPI

In January 2011, ZPNTMiU " Tabor " M. Dybowski SJ as the first Polish company became a member of the German Association of VPI (Association of Proprietors of Private Wagons ) . VPI has developed a manual maintenance system comprising instructions, which are intended to establish uniform rules for the maintenance and repair of freight cars . The system is based on the VPI nine modules:

  1. Part of the overall maintenance of freight wagons,
  2. The frame/bogies,
  3. Vehicle body,
  4. Wheelsets,
  5. Suspensions,
  6. Buffing and intercoupling equipment,
  7. Brakes,
  8. Electronic Data Interchange,
  9. Non-destructive testing.

VPI in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn for installations carried out a certification audit to examine whether the system maintenance VPI is in line with their requirements. If you ended positively , the plant receives written confirmation of the high quality of the maintenance of freight wagons.

" Tabor " the audit concluded positively for the revision , maintenance and repair of the brake. As time goes on we plan to gradually expand the scope of certification.

Dopuszczenie VPI.pdf

Dopuszczenie VPI PL.pdf