Railway transport of goods

From 19.07.2005 the company has a license for the provision of traction delivered by the President of the Office for Railway Transport. License allows for expansion of services in respect of the rental fleet for private carriers.
From 26.05.2009, the plant has a license to carry out carriage by rail issued by the President of the Office for Railway Transport.
We provide services freight and shunting services. There is also the possibility of renting our locomotives along with the crew serving them. We provide freight services client using his wagon, and our locomotive.


Our fleet is regularly tested and operated by multiple types of locomotives.

Currently the parktrainstateful:

  • - Locomotive SM42 - 4 szt.
  • - Locomotive TEM2 - 5 szt.
  • - Locomotive S200 - 2 szt.
  • - Locomotive EU07 - 2 szt.
  • - Locomotive 401Da - 4 szt.
  • - Locomotive 409Da - 4 szt.
  • - Locomotive SM30 - 1 szt.


Currently, our company has about 80 wagons of various types, which are available in the form of a lease. Persons interested in renting, please contact the Marketing Department by phone:

+ 48 (014) 68 03 708