Other services


Our offer also includes repair tanks  for carriage: gas, fuels, corrosive materials.

Repair draisines, plows, cranes and other machinery track.


  • - tyring, welding and balancing wheelsets
  • - blasting and painting of wagons, locomotives and construction industrial
  • - repair and regeneration components for locomotives and wagons
  • - repair of electric motors DC
  • - regeneration of brake valves rolling
  • - repairs of pressure vessels of reception receivership
  • - welding of aluminum alloys
  • - welding full range of welding methods, MAG, MIG, TIG
  • - arc welding, gas welding, steel welding method DUPLEX

We provide a wide range of services in the field:

  • - the work of turning, milling, grinding
  • - plasma cutting services
  • - pressure testing of tanks railway
  • - vehicles, vessels and aircraft TDT reception
  • - Boiler repairs, heating, gas and sanitation


In our product range you will find forgings with all kinds of materials. The composition is determined individually with the client depending on their needs.
In our offer you can find among other products such as: bearings, bushings, shafts. We also metalization axle pins and shafts.