TABOR Dębica Sp. z o.o.

We repair, manufacture, ahead of expectations.


  • Freight wagons repair

    The company provides maintenance services of all types of freight wagons on levels P1 - P5 . In the course of its activities Department received many privileges , approvals and certificates.

  • Manufacturing of freight wagons

    Zakłady Produkcyjno – Naprawcze Taboru Maszyn i Urządzeń TABOR M. Dybowski S.J. is also known as a manufacturer of high quality products compliant with the European standards.

  • Repair of locomotives

    The company provides maintenance services for diesel and electric locomotives by maintenance levels of P1 - P5.

  • Railway transport of goods

    The company has a license for the provision of traction delivered by the President of the Office for Railway Transport.

  • Welding of steel construction 

    Our company provides services in the performance of the construction of structural steels , stainless steels , aluminum and steel.

  • Other services

    Our offer also includes repair tanks for carriage: gas, fuels, corrosive materials. Repair draisines, plows, cranes and other machinery track.