Freight wagons repair

Zakłady Produkcyjno – Naprawcze Taboru Maszyn i Urządzeń TABOR M. Dybowski S.J.  achieve very good results in the repair of wagons and railway machines give a very good reputation and customer references . The company provides maintenance services of all types of freight wagons on levels P1 - P5 . In the course of its activities Department received many privileges , approvals and certificates.

The company provides maintenance services by maintaining levels of P1 - P5:

  1. Level of maintenance 1 (previous review inspection PK)
  2. Level of maintenance 2 (current interim PO)
  3. Level of maintenance 3 (former interim extended PD)
  4. Level of maintenance 4 (repair existing audit NR)
  5. Level of maintenance 5 (previous major repair and modernization NG rail vehicles)

As a workshop with 20 years of experience , we make maintenance services for different types of wagons (according to DSU). Currently, obtained a certificate to fulfill the requirements VPI . Our Design Office offers a wealth of technical knowledge.